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Ashley is a veteran summer staffer here at Schwarz Family Farm. She graduated from HHS in May and will be headed off to UNK this fall to become a shaper of young minds in the form of an art teacher. She is also very tiny. Like, really small, guys. She basically comes up to my knees. But she's plucky and a hard worker, and that more than makes up for her diminutive stature. She is also a graduate of the local Tractor Safety course, meaning she is qualified to operate very large machinery. Which is funny, because she's, like, so small. Her spirit animal is an ant. Small but mighty. She also sort of hovers around the candy.


Abigail is a returning staff member after starting in 2017. Abby is Ashley's little sister, with the main difference being that she's slightly taller. We like to put her to work with Dennis fixing things, and so far she's fixed more things than she's broken, which I consider a win. She will be a Junior next fall at good ol' HHS. She becomes completely incapacitated by the sight of a tick, but we're considering doing some immersion therapy to help with that. So if you come to visit us and hear screaming and crying, just ignore it. She's fine. Probably. Abby's spirit animal is a






Chandler is a veteran summer staff member here at the farm. Later in July, he will be heading off to boot camp. Yes, people. It's true. He will be defending our freedom. Or, more accurately, repairing our freedom's vehicles. He is one of our weed-whackers and tomato trellisers. He likes fast cars and other macho things like that. He dreams of one day being a professional bodybuilder or the star of a grilling show on the Create channel. His spirit animal is a Chihuahua or a Chimichanga, depending on who you ask.

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