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Meet our Summer Staff:



Ashley is a new addition to our summer staff as of 2016. She will be a junior in high school this fall and plays softball. She is also very tiny. Like, really small, guys. She basically comes up to my knees. But she's plucky and a hard worker, and that more than makes up for her diminutive stature. She is also a graduate of the local Tractor Safety course, meaning she is now qualified to operate very large machinery. Which is funny, because she's, like, so small. Her spirit animal is a hedgehog.



Bryn is another recent addition to our staff this summer. She will also be a junior this fall. She plays volleyball because she is as tall as Ashley is short. She really wants a cat, but her dad is allergic. This is tragic, mainly because we have like five litters of kittens on the farm at the moment and we could really stand to find homes for them. Bryn gets a kick out of life and her spirit animal is a giraffe.



Caylin, a loyal employee for the past two summers, will also be a junior this fall (are you sensing a theme here?). She assists in any task, as long as Becky is the one who asks her to do it. She is also an accomplished Tractor Safety course graduate, a certification that Tom continues to threaten to utilize. In addition to her duties here at SFF, she also enjoys spending time running (although God only knows why), styling her hair, coming up with radio call signs, and spending time with her twin sister Christine, who we lovingly refer to as "the vegetarian" Her spirit animal is a flying squirrel.



Chandler is a veteran summer staff member here at the farm. In the fall, he will be--you guessed it--a junior. He is one of our weed-whackers and tractor operators. He likes fast cars and other macho things like that. He dreams of one day being a professional bodybuilder or the star of a grilling show on the Create channel. His spirit animal is a Chihuahua or a Chimichanga, depending on who you ask.



Christine is another returning staff member, but she is so busy with activities she's almost never here. Seeing her at the farm is like seeing an albino peacock; you should probably take a photo because it's not likely to happen again anytime soon. She lets Becky cook her meals with random ingredients because she's a vegetarian, and vegetarians are adventurers. Her spirit animal is an alpaca.



Creighton is our newest male staff member. I bet you can't guess what grade he'll be in in the fall. Try it. Go on, guess. If you guessed anything other than Junior, you clearly haven't caught on yet. He is calm, collected, and rational, and he keeps his head down. The latter is probably a good thing because some of these kids are nuts. But not Creighton. He's just really chill. He's also very tall, which comes in handy. So far, we like him a lot. His spirit animal is a buffalo.



Kate returns to us this year after starting midway through last summer. She's a champion and our resident grease monkey. She'll be a senior this fall. JUST KIDDING. She'll be a junior too. She plays tennis and is really really ridiculously nice. She's also not afraid to get her hands dirty, although it turns out she's not a fan of getting grease in her hair. Kate's spirit animal is a bunny rabbit.


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