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Stuff We Grow

...and what to do with it.

Sugar Pea Greens

What are sugar pea greens, you ask? We plant sugar pea seed in trays and keep them watered for 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the season), then we harvest them when they're 3-5" tall. Basically, they're tiny sugar pea plants. Their flavor is very mild and somewhat sweet. They taste like green peas, and go beautifully in wraps, stir frys, salads, and juice. We've started a pin board on Pinterest to showcase all the things you can do with these beauties.



We grow several tomato varieties in the summer, including slicers, heirloom slicers, roma, mini roma, and two cherry tomato varieties. Heirloom varieties are so called because they come from seeds saved year after year for many generations. In other words, these are the exact same varieties our grandparents grew. One of the advantages of heirloom tomato varieties is their superior flavor. One disadvantage is that much of the tendency toward certain diseases has not been bred out of them as it has with many hybrids. Because of this, we lose more fruit to disease, which drives the price up. We have several pin boards dedicated to the cooking o' the tomato, including one for cherry tomatoes and one for slicers.



We grow both Jalapeno and Bell peppers here. Sometimes, we also grow hot peppers, such as habanero, lemon drop chili, tobasco, and cayenne.

Jalapenos can be used in many dishes, especially Mexican, and can be stuffed, chopped, fried, stir fried, baked into other dishes (like corn pudding, cornbread...mmm corn. Now I want corn). Check out our Jalapeno pin board on our Pinterest page for a plethora of recipes.

Bell peppers can be cooked, stir fried, eaten raw, stuffed or chopped or sliced. Basically just eaten any way you want. See our bell pepper pin board on Pinterest for recipe ideas.


Garlic Scapes

See our page dedicated to the wonders of the Garlic Scape. See also our Garlic Scape pin board on Pinterest.



Ah, Garlic. The nectar of the gods. On a related note, remind me never to kiss a god.

Our garlic is hard neck garlic (as opposed to soft neck). Hard neck garlic stays good for longer, and the flavor is arguably richer than soft neck varieties. Garlic is a ridiculously versatile food. It can be pickled, minced, dried and pulverized into powder, separated into cloves and cooked, baked whole, and strung up in your house to repel vampires and male suitors. See our pin board for more creative ideas.


Potted Starter Plants & Herbs

Well, for Get it? GET IT? STARTERS?? No? Tough crowd.

We grow a large variety of starter plants and potted herbs. Plant care instructions can be found here. Honestly, the "what to do with it" part of this should be pretty self-explanatory. You plant the plants (either in a pot or straight into the ground, depending on the vegetable/fruit), you grow them, and in the fullness of time, you eat the fruit (or leaves, if they're herbs). Questions? I love answering questions. Email me (Becky) at I can tell you about hardiness, disease, pests, etc.



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